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Country Manager Manager Philippines

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Solventia Solar Philippines
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Solventia Solar – Philippines


The Philippines is probably the most prominent emerging solar market in SEA, and its solar sector is growing fast. The recent expansion of the Philippine economy has resulted in a sizable gap between the increasing demand for power and the power generation capacity. Taking advantage of the abundant solar radiation in the country, the Philippine government decided to promote RE.

The 2012 FIT policy for solar put in place a set of attractive incentives that pulled in foreign investors and technical expertise to build up the sector in the Phlippines. The initial 50 MW FIT cap was extended to 500 MW in 2015 in a sector that will presumably grow steadily for the next years.

Solventia incorporated the Philippine branch in 2015 to cater to the local market with integral solutions for both self-consumption and utility scale ground mount projects, offering extensive experience and proven reliability to the clients. Furthermore, the expansion to the Philippine market means a significant leap forward for Solventia to consolidate its presence and reputation in SEA region.