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Utility scale solar PV projects introduced in Peru in 2012 with the construction of several power plants in the south region. The program is organized through public auction which stablishes the capacity target and energy price cap per source. During the first two auctions 200 MW were approved and later on in 2014 the third auction and the first regarding stand-alone systems was launched, for the provision of 500,000 small systems for residential and rural communities for electricity supply to 5 million people in remote areas.

The country takes advantage of the high GDP growth rate and great attractiveness for foreign capital investment to boost the promotion of solar PV power plants.

Solventia Solar serves developers and main contractors in Peru providing our extensive experience in engineering, construction and maintenance to implement photovoltaic projects for rural electrification, self-consumption and grid connected applications. Deploying our own resources and including key local partner Solventia Solar is the right choice to guarantee your project success.